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Established in 2015, H20 TRAINING FIT is an affordable gym based in Fontainebleau. At our state-of-the-art facility, we offer a wide range of classes! Visit us today.

At H2O we understand life can be busy. Balancing work schedules, commuting, family life, and a social life may leave you exhausted. Let us help you organize a plan to get you to the fitness level you would like to achieve!

Unique, Vibrant, and Vivid Gym

Designed to empower you to achieve your fitness goal, H20 TRAINING FIT is a unique, vibrant, and vivid gym located in Fontainebleau!

Consisting of a full range of fitness equipment and high-performance classes, we aim to provide you the opportunity to relieve stress and maintain yourself in a relaxing and supporting environment. Moreover, our highly qualified trainers are committed to bringing out the best in you and guide you through the road towards wellness! Join today.

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 Gym Fountainbleau Miami

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 Gym Fountainbleau Miami

At H20 TRAINING FIT, we are constantly striving to deliver the perfect gym environment along with efficient training methodologies!

We offer a wide range of classes to people representing all fitness levels and ages, including:

Our training classes will help you improve your fitness level and self-confidence while kicking away your workout boredom. Moreover, we deliver one-on-one personal training services. Our professionals will discuss your goals and design a program that meets all your needs and goals. Visit us today.

We will help you improve your fitness level and self-confidence

Why Choose Us?

Best in the area

Our gym memberships are affordable

A wide range of classes

We offer a wide range of classes and personal training services


We are dedicated to helping each of our members attain their personal goals

Experts in the field

Our trainers are highly qualified and trained

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With a lifelong passion for health and wellness, we decided that we wanted to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible by helping them nurture a positive relationship with their body, physical activity, and eating habits.

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