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Circuit Trainer in Fontainebleau

Challenging all aspects of fitness, H20 TRAINING FIT offers circuit training classes led by highly qualified instructors!

We are located in Fontainebleau. Visit us today.

Efficient Circuit Training Classes

Do you easily get bored of your workouts and find it difficult to keep up the challenge? Circuit training is the perfect quick paced boredom buster! 

It is an efficient way to burn fat, build shape, and tone muscles. This training plan is a constant switch between exercises and equipment.

At H20 TRAINING FIT, we blend cardio vascular workouts with functional movement to target every single muscle group, ensuring you’re burning fat.

We do everything in our power to make your hours with us fun! Drop by.

We do everything in our power to make your hours with us fun

Circuit Trainer Fountainbleau Miami
Circuit Trainer Fountainbleau Miami

Highly Qualified and Friendly Trainers

Whether your goal is to sculpt and shape your body, get stronger, or more, the circuit training classes at H20 TRAINING FIT will keep you coming back for more!

This energetic program is created with different ability levels in mind. It combines resistance training with cardio workouts at a variety of stations. Moreover, our highly qualified and friendly trainers are committed to constantly adding an adventurous spin to keep things interesting.

Our circuit training classes are created with different ability levels in mind


What Sets Us Apart?

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