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Gym in Fontainebleau

Established in 2015, H20 TRAINING FIT is a fully equipped gym based in Fontainebleau! 

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Highly Qualified and Experienced trainers

Whatever your preferences, age, or personal ability, H20 TRAINING FIT is the go-to gym!

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers believe that the use of the correct muscles and creating balance in the body and mind will bring you the most optimal results whatever your goal.

From circuit training to personal coaching and more, we ensure you receive the highest level of training to get stronger and fitter while remaining free from injuries.

We ensure you receive the highest level of training


 Gym Fountainbleau Miami
 Gym Fountainbleau Miami

State-Of-The-Art Gym

Joining H20 TRAINING FIT is a great way to hop into a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, and meet new people!

At our state-of-the-art gym, we do not focus on your fitness goals only but also on the journey needed to reach them! 

Our fitness trainers help you embark on the right program for you and break out from your fitness ruts. Moreover, they will guide you through the movements while challenging you to be the best of yourself!

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Affordable prices

Senior programs

Professional trainers

A wide variety of classes

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