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Personal Trainer in Fontainebleau

Founded in 2015, H20 TRAINING FIT provides personal training sessions to people representing all fitness levels and walks of life! 

We are based in Fontainebleau. Visit us.

Professional Personal Trainers

At H20 TRAINING FIT, we use a comprehensive approach to personal training that is centered around your objectives. 

Our professional personal trainers utilize evidence-based guidelines to structure your workouts and create programs that are designed to accelerate transformations.

By combining exercise, nutrition, and personal coaching with amazing customer services, we are committed to helping you achieve phenomenal results.

We help you achieve phenomenal results

 Personal Trainer Fountainbleau Miami
 Personal Trainer Fountainbleau Miami

Exclusive One-to-One Personal Training Services

Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, or bulk, at H20 TRAINING FIT, we can help you every step of the way!

We offer exclusive one-to-one personal training services that will enable you achieve outstanding physical transformations rapidly. Our highly qualified personal trainers will design workout and nutrition programs to your goals and body type. 

Rest assured, we will carefully instruct each exercise with on-going technical correction to ensure proper performance and minimize any risk of injury. Get in touch!

We ensure proper performance and minimize any risk of injury



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Professional trainers

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